The ideal digital cash register for you and your customers

Paying with your digital cash register system is good if it works conveniently and smoothly for the customer and if it saves you work. LPPAY’s integrated cash register solutions are designed to fit seamlessly into the existing system with your cash register. This means extra service for your customers and less effort for you.

Fully integrated cash register systems for your business

A lot has changed since the cash register was invented in 1879: “Paying” became “payment”, stationary retail shifted to online business and the traditional cash drawer was replaced by modern cash register systems. But progress doesn’t stop there: international e-commerce, innovative wallet solutions and the increasing popularity of card payments make it necessary to expand and network existing systems – an integrated cash register solution is the answer.

What constitutes an integrated cash register solution?

The fusion of two systems

A good cash register solution must be “integrated” in two ways: Firstly, a cash register or cash register system must be combined with additional hardware and software to form a holistic system; Secondly, this system must be smoothly integrated into an existing or new infrastructure. Only then can it be guaranteed that the usability at the checkout is simplified, the customer experience is improved and, as a result, sales are increased.

Your POS system provider LPPAY can do both for you. We provide you with the necessary peripheral devices and provide you with industry-specific advice – after all, an efficient payment solution must be tailored precisely to the type of business you run. As a hotelier, you benefit, for example, from our LPPAY payment gateway with an integrated Oracle payment interface, which fits seamlessly into your existing back office system. This means you can manage your sales and booking processes in one and the same solution.

We also work with cash register solutions, among other things. for the following industries:

  • gastronomy
  • Hotels
  • retail trade
  • kiosk
  • Gas station
  • doctor’s office
  • Pharmacy

Buy a POS system: Everything you need

No matter what sector of business you work in, the following devices and functions should not be missing from your professional cash register solution:

Cash register system

The cash register system is the heart of your payment solution, to which all peripheral devices are connected. When used in retail, the cash drawer, monitor, customer display and label printer are among the most important hardware components. In the catering industry, for example, dispensing systems and kitchen monitors are also added. The cash register system also contains the appropriate cash register software, which manages the cash register process and documents all business transactions – either locally, on an external server or via an encrypted connection in the cash register system provider’s cloud.

Input device

Any cash register system is only as good as its usability. There are different technical solutions for this: The conventional combination of keyboard and mouse is largely self-explanatory and individually programmable. In comparison, an intuitive touchscreen can noticeably speed up navigation through the cash register software; The payment process is even faster with a barcode scanner. Which input devices you ultimately choose depends solely on your preference.

Card reader

The card reader is particularly important in modern cash register solutions, because being able to pay by card has long been a matter of course for many customers. Your cash register system should therefore have at least a fixed card reader that is immediately ready for use with a LAN cable and plug & play. On the other hand, if your point of sale is located away from the sales counter or even outside your store area, you need a portable model such as the LPPAY Move 5000 or the Mobile Premium card reader. Real POS cash register systems only qualify through mobile payment terminals that can be used during customer conversations or flexibly while on the go.
Every LPPAY reader is compatible with all common debit and credit cards, PCI-certified and even works contactless thanks to NFC technology. Mobile payment is also no problem: Thanks to Optipay, your customers can also pay conveniently via smartphone with Google Pay, Apple Pay or even Alipay – your Chinese customers will thank you.

Receipt printer

Receipt printers integrated into the cash register system or card reader generate purchase receipts and cash codes for your customers at the push of a button. Dot matrix printers are considered comparatively inexpensive, but we recommend the thermal printer, which is significantly faster, quieter and less prone to failure.

Additional functions

The scope of services of your integrated cash register solution can be expanded even further with practical additional functions:

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC): Shows your international customers the purchase price in the currency of their country of origin, saving them the hassle of converting.
Tax-Free: Allows eligible foreign customers to shop tax-free.
Tipping feature: Allows you to tip even when paying by card.
Reservation function: Reserves outstanding amounts (e.g. for hotel rooms or rental cars) on the customer’s credit card.
Prepaid and voucher solution: Enables prepaid credit and voucher codes to be selected directly at the payment terminal and provided to the customer in the form of a receipt.

With LPPAY you can simply book these functions and activate them overnight – without any additional hardware. Let our experts advise you.

Payment Gateway

Tailored integration into existing systems


Payment Gateway für Ihre Kasse

Are your payments already processed via an existing system? As a hotelier, do you use a property management system (PMS)? As a retailer or restaurateur, do you use a point-of-sale (POS) cash register system? Then you need simple integration into your existing cash register system to ensure that your payments run smoothly.

LPPAY Payment Gateway is the right payment solution for you because it integrates thanks to a tailor-made interface. Do you regularly welcome international customers who take advantage of Tax Free or guests from China who want to pay with Union Pay and Alipay? With LPPAY Payment Gateway you have a Europe-wide solution with the highest level of security, perfect process optimization and first-class additional functions.

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