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Good service increases customer satisfaction and thus also promotes customer loyalty. A wide range of payment methods should be part of this service. Card payments and contactless payments such as Apple Pay or Google Pay are becoming increasingly popular. LPPAY offers EC card readers that are used wherever payments are made. Every payment method is possible at all points of sale – convenient, easy and quick.

We work with you to configure your card terminals so that you offer exactly the payment methods that are beneficial for your business. Choose the terminal that best suits your needs – whether as a card terminal for the checkout, a portable card reader or a mobile device for on the go.

What are the advantages of EC card readers?

Cashless payments are becoming increasingly popular. In 2020, around half of customers paid with card instead of cash. They appreciate having a wide range of payment methods available to them. This means you can shop without money in your wallet and don’t have to fumble around for coins or banknotes. They can also shop in-store without being tied to a cash limit.

But the option of card payment also offers some advantages for the business itself:

– It increases customer satisfaction and sales at the same time

– Less change is required at the checkout, which also increases security in the store

– It is more hygienic as there are no more coins and notes passing from hand to hand

Which EC card readers are there?

EC card readers are available as a stationary model or as a mobile card reader. Which product is the right one depends primarily on the location of the device. Should the EC card reader always be in the same place and can therefore be connected via cable, or should the EC card reader be used on a mobile basis?

Mobile card reader

Mobile card readers are suitable for businesses and services where payment can also take place on the go, for example at a trade fair stand, in a taxi or at a table in a restaurant. These devices work with either WiFi, Bluetooth or a SIM card. The latest models also offer the option of connecting to a smartphone or tablet. Since they run either via WiFi or the mobile phone network, a secure connection is always guaranteed.

Stationary card reader

A stationary EC card reader can only be used at a fixed location. These models are mainly found in stores with a fixed cash register. The devices can be integrated into the cash register system housing or connected to the cash register system via cable. The connection is made either via two cables to the power grid and the Internet connection or just via one cable to the power grid. In this case, the connection to the Internet takes place via WLAN.

How does an EC card reader work?

Payment at the EC card reader must be confirmed by the customer either via PIN or signature. He authorizes the business to debit the money from his account. Either the electronic direct debit (ELV) is used or the account is debited directly. When confirming via PIN, a check is also made to see whether the account is funded or the card is stolen. This is not the case with the signature.

Many newer models also offer the option of contactless payment. This is where Near Field Communication (NFC) comes into play. Card payments can be confirmed without a PIN or signature, simply by holding the EC card near the card reader. The bank usually sets a limit of around 50 euros for this payment method. For larger sums, confirmation via PIN or signature is required.

Another option is to pay by smartphone, but this is not yet as widespread as card payments. Various methods such as Google Pay, Apple Pay or Ali Pay can be used here.

In order for the payment to be successful, the card reader must have an internet connection via mobile data or WiFi. After payment, customers receive a paper receipt. There is also the option of sending the receipt to the customer by email.

Below you will find an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the individual payment methods:

Buy or rent a card reader – costs

EC card readers can either be purchased (with no basic fee) or rented (with a basic fee). Which of the two options makes more sense is decided based on the question of how high the store’s turnover is and how many card payments are made.

With the option of purchasing an EC card reader, costs are only incurred when recording income. These sales-based fees tend to be more expensive—the more sales, the more expensive it becomes. In addition, mobile card readers without a basic fee rely on a second device because they only read the card and do not process the transaction. This is done via an app via Bluetooth connection on the smartphone or tablet. Such devices are advantageous with monthly income of around 1,500 to 2,000 euros. If you have a larger sum, it is worth renting a card reader with a basic fee. Here the variable fees are also significantly cheaper.

On the other hand, it also depends on which terminal you want to rent and for how long. With LPPAY’s SmartPay terminals, the longer it takes to rent the EC card reader, the lower the rental costs. The smart terminal is also more expensive than the stationary card reader. The stationary terminal Base Next costs 14.95 euros per month for a term of 48 months. With the same term, the Smartterminal A77 without a printer costs 15.95 euros per month, the A920 with a receipt printer is available for 22.95 euros per month. There is also the option of purchasing an EC card reader: The “Pay as you Go” package from LPPAY includes the Smartterminal A77. With this offer, both the setup fee and the transaction fees are waived. The package is available for a one-off price of 159 euros.

In addition, there may be additional costs for setting up card payment:

– Setup costs

– Transaction fees

– EC card fee

– Purchasing additional devices such as tablets or smartphones

– Receipt rolls

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